Submit a paper

First step – The first author will make sure the manuscripts comply to the author guidelines. If not, the manuscript will be rejected.
Download a pdf (211 ko) example of submitted paper.

Second step – Prepare a cover letter for the editor in .doc, following the model:

"Please find attached a paper written by << names and surnames of all authors >> entitled: << title in English and French >> (with X pages, X figures and X tables).
The authors give to MalaCo (ISSN1778-3941) the publishing rights of this manuscripts. They guarantee that it is an original paper, it has not been submitted elsewhere, it has not been already published and they all agree with its content."

Third step Send by e-mail the manuscript and letter in .doc to For large manuscripts (>5 Mo), send an e-mail (same address) to set up a FTP process to send it.

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