Muséum de Paris

À la fois établissement scientifique et service public, tourné vers la recherche et la diffusion des connaissances, le Muséum assume 5 grandes missions fondatrices qui régissent et nourrissent l'ensemble de ses activités. Voir Muséum de Paris


Site incontournable pour la faune et la flore de France. Une excellente base de données qui permet de visualiser la répartition des espèces et des espaces naturels de France. De nombreux documents sont disponibles. Voir INPN

IUCN Red List

La liste mondiale des espèces menacées est consultable en ligne. Voir IUCN Red List


AnimalBase is a service provided by the University of Göttingen, Germany. Our work is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG. Our objective is to provide free access for all scientists to the old zoological literature, particularly to those important publications where name-bearing zoological taxa were originally described. The literature is digitized in image format by the SUB Göttingen (our university library). In a first 2-year period (2003-2005) financed by the DFG we have digitized nearly all taxonomically relevant zoological literature from the beginnings until 1770 (about 400 works). Only some 5 % of the literature is not present in Göttingen and we are currently trying to obtain some works from other libraries. Voir AnimalBase

Commission internationale de nomenclature zoologique

ICZN was founded in 1895. Its task is to create, publish and, periodically, to revise the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. The Commission also considers and rules on specific case of nomenclatural uncertainty. These rulings are published as 'Opinions' in the Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature. Voir Commission internationale de nomenclature zoologique

Fauna Europaea

Base de données taxinomiques des métazoaires européens. Plus de 138 000 taxons sont recensés comprenant plus de 4 000 mollusques. Voir Fauna Europaea

Nomenclator Zoologicus

Une liste des noms de genres et sous-genres en zoologie depuis la dixième édition de Linnée (1758) jusqu'à 2004 Voir Nomenclator Zoologicus

Species 2000

Species 2000 in partnership with ITIS, has the objective of enumerating all known species of organisms on Earth (animals, plants, fungi and microbes) as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity. Voir Species 2000


ITIS, Integrated Taxonomic Information System, give authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world. Voir ITIS

Journal of Molluscan Studies

The Journal of Molluscan Studies is the major international journal covering the biology of molluscs. The journal features the newly developing subjects of molecular genetics, cladistic phylogenetics and ecophysiology, but also maintains coverage of ecological, behavioural and systematic malacology. Voir Journal of Molluscan Studies

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Malacologia publishes papers on all groups of the Mollusca. Malacologia specializes in publishing long papers and monographic treatments. Complete data are especially appreciated. Papers must be of interest to an international readership. Papers in systematics, ecology, population ecology, genetics, molecular genetics, evolution and phylogenetic treatments are especially welcomed. Also welcomed are letters to the editor involving papers published or issues of import to science of the day. Voir Malacologia


Basteria is the scientific journal of the Dutch Malacological Society. It is published six times a year in two volumes. In Basteria, original articles are published about malacological subjects like taxonomics, systematics, fauna-surveys, (palaeo)ecology, (palaeo)biogeography, the way of life of molluscs, anatomy, book reviews, etc. Articles are reviewed by an editorial board of prominent malacologists and can be offered by members as well as non-members. Basteria is mainly published in English. Voir Basteria

Journal of Conchology

This is the world's oldest continuing publication on the subject. Published twice a year, it contains scientific papers and short communications on molluscs with emphasis on promoting conservation, biogeography and taxonomy. The contents cover, typically, descriptions of new species from anywhere in the world and reports concerning the ecology, distribution and status of molluscs. Both living and fossil molluscs are dealt with. In addition the Journal includes the official proceedings of the Society, obituaries and book reviews. Being a scientific publication papers are published only after review by referees. The Journal is subscribed to by learned institutions world-wide, and is a flagship publication for the Society. Members and non-members may submit contributions to the Honorary Editor. Voir Journal of Conchology

Typothèque MNHN

Base de données des types de mollusques présents dans la collection du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle de Paris Voir Typothèque MNHN


The Newsletter of the IUCN/SSC (Species Survival Commission) Mollusc Specialist Group. TENTACLE is published approximately once a year, usually in January. If you wish to submit an article for publication in Tentacle, or have meeting, website, new publication, or other news that you would like announced in the next issue, please contact the editor, Robert H. Cowie. Voir Tentacle

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